A rough week.

I’ve promised myself that I will eat something after writing this post. I had made quite a bit of progress.  I still hated my body, but I had gotten my brain to a point where I was experiencing happiness at keeping my weight constant.  But a few triggering events this past week sapped my will [Read More...]

Weighing myself.

Yesterday was a pretty rough day psychologically, so I decided that today I would weigh myself.  Sixteen or so hours should give me enough time to prepare (plus, you weigh much less in the morning than in the evening). First I tried not to eat.  I’m committed to eating when my stomach grumbles, but a late [Read More...]

Post therapy blog 11/5.

I gained .4 lbs this last week, though that may have been from the alcohol last night. Today Katy Perry’s supervisor was my therapist, with Katy looking on.  This guy had clearly done this before.  He quickly created a relaxed environment and clearly laid out what he planned to do. We focused on my obsessive [Read More...]

Guest post: fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Cory Johnston is a reader, podcaster, and mental health advocate who contacted me about doing a guest post here about a fundraiser he’s doing for the CMHA. ­­When I was around 9 years old, my mother spent some time away from home. I don’t remember anyone actually telling me why. What I do remember is [Read More...]

Cutting him loose.

I got to thinking about the whole situation with this guy.  While I don’t feel bad about any consequences that would befall someone because I wrote about how they were cruel (particularly in the way he was), I don’t think it’s moral to use a deal with someone to get them into therapy.  Therapy is [Read More...]

Off to my appointment.

Sorry for the lack of content this morning.  I’ve been busy as a fly in poop. I’m about to head out to this week’s appointment and boy, will it be interesting.  My weight held constant this week, no losses or gains, so that’s good. Love you all.  More when I get back maybe. [Read more...]

We talked, he apologized, we made a deal, and I have no hard feelings.

After I posted about a random message which exacerbated conditions created by my relapse to anorexia, (and after the sender came into that post and left some disjointed and strangely hostile comments) an acquaintance of his delivered me this message from him: JT,I’m a dick. I’m a horrible person. I’ve wronged many people in the [Read More...]

Random cruelty.

For those who don’t know, I’m a recovering (and now relapsed) anorexic.  I try to write about my mental health issues as openly as possible.  However, when they get tangled with other people, I tend not to write about them – just out of courtesy for those people.  That is why I’ve not written much [Read More...]

Woman arrested after claiming Jesus would pay for her dinner.

A woman was recently treated to a dinner date at an Oklahoma El Chico.  However, the story turned sad when her deadbeat husband skipped out on paying the bill. The woman, identified at Kristi Rhines, visited the Mexican restaurant El Chico in Lawton and ordered several drinks and a meal. When the bill came, Rhines [Read More...]

Man who drove a car into the Oklahoma ten commandments monument is a Christian.

Immediately after the news hit that someone wrecked a car into the ten commandments monument on the Oklahoma capitol building many people, including many atheists (like myself and Hemant), assumed the perpetrator was an atheist.  Then, when Michael Tate Reed Jr. was arrested and said that Satan told him to do it, the atheists corrected [Read More...]