Your morning happiness: my new best friend.

Hey friends.  The talk last night went really well, and then the group went to Dave & Buster’s afterward for some gaming fun.  I won the group a sheep with my gaming prowess as a reminder to never become sheep themselves.  God damn I’m profound. Anyway, I spent some time yesterday in the home of [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: jamming to Roy Zimmerman.

I’m sitting in the KC airport getting ready to fly into Denver (ugh) and then on to Boise.  Flying into Denver sucks.  The airport is really nice, but it’s something about all the mountains – the landing is always rough.  It could be absolutely perfect weather for flying and landing in Denver will still feel [Read More...]

Cutting him loose.

I got to thinking about the whole situation with this guy.  While I don’t feel bad about any consequences that would befall someone because I wrote about how they were cruel (particularly in the way he was), I don’t think it’s moral to use a deal with someone to get them into therapy.  Therapy is [Read More...]

Off to Boise and to Kansas City.

Tomorrow I fly out to Boise State for a lecture and a debate.  Wednesday night I’ll be talking about religion and politics.  The following night I’ll be debating Bill Pubols over whether or not you can be moral without god.  It should be a rocking good time.  You should definitely come out.  Details are at [Read More...]

Off to my appointment.

Sorry for the lack of content this morning.  I’ve been busy as a fly in poop. I’m about to head out to this week’s appointment and boy, will it be interesting.  My weight held constant this week, no losses or gains, so that’s good. Love you all.  More when I get back maybe. [Read more...]

I’m voting for Greg Orman just because I hate this ad.

This ad has been playing everywhere I go on the internet. The offensive part is at the 13 second mark: “The Kansas senator could be the deciding vote for more of Obama’s unchecked agenda.” If he’s voting on “the agenda” then it’s not fucking unchecked.  You’ve just described the system specifically named “checks and balances.” [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: wtf cat.

I have no idea wtf is going on in this image, but it made me smile. [Read more...]

We talked, he apologized, we made a deal, and I have no hard feelings.

After I posted about a random message which exacerbated conditions created by my relapse to anorexia, (and after the sender came into that post and left some disjointed and strangely hostile comments) an acquaintance of his delivered me this message from him: JT,I’m a dick. I’m a horrible person. I’ve wronged many people in the [Read More...]

Random cruelty.

For those who don’t know, I’m a recovering (and now relapsed) anorexic.  I try to write about my mental health issues as openly as possible.  However, when they get tangled with other people, I tend not to write about them – just out of courtesy for those people.  That is why I’ve not written much [Read More...]

17 new Twin Cities priests identified as child rapists.

The archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul has had a bit of a problem with its priests raping children trusted to the Church’s care.  37 in total had substantiated claims of sexual abuse levied against them, and now that number has jumped to 55: The Twin Cities archdiocese and the law offices of Jeff Anderson issued a [Read More...]