Finland legalizes marriage equality!

Finland getting with the times: The Finnish Parliament voted on Friday afternoon to allow gender-neutral marriage, 105-92. The vote had been expected to be closer. The gender-neutral marriage bill was seventh on the list of 15 votes. Four MPs out of the 200 MPs were absent on the first vote, concerning a reform of language [Read More...]

Fundamentalist Christians hate ISIS, yet they have so much in common…

Hey everybody!  Just checking in from the road.  Last night we played Cards Against Humanity with Michaelyn’s mom, brothers, and sister-in-law, who are some of my favorite people.  They’re the kind that just make you smile all the time you’re around them. Today we’re hanging out with my mother-in-law, Diane, before making the journey north [Read More...]

Atheist Thanksgiving.

Welp, it’s Thanksgiving – time to sit around and ruminate over what we’re thankful for, right?  How about this year we all take a moment and acknowledge what we’re thankful for in the atheist movement? I’m thankful to Sam Harris.  It was his book The End of Faith that made me into an activist.  On [Read More...]

Why Republicans appeal marriage equality cases they know they’re going to lose.

This comment from LARK62 made my day.  It captures concisely and specifically why GOP governors/AGs continue to push and appeal to Circuit Courts which have already ruled against other states making the same arguments: It was, is and always will be a way for politicians to pander to right wing voters. And since the appeals [Read More...]

Bryan Fischer is not happy about the decisions in Arkansas and Mississippi.

Bryan Fischer is hungry for discrimination which, in the wake of Arkansas and Mississippi having their gay marriage bans overturned by federal judges yesterday, prompted the head of the American Family Association to toss a spectacular word salad. “The federal judiciary has mutated into a gargantuan beast, looming over liberty, freedom and the Constitution itself… [Read More...]

Skepticon talks: Matt Dillahunty “Confronting Christianity.”

The talks from Skepticon are hitting the internet.  Here’s Matt Dillahunty, who freaking rocked it (and did so on short notice). [Read more...]

Judge rules Mississippi’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, but this one’s not over yet.

Ok, first, the good news: a federal judge has ruled Mississippi’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional.  federal judge has overturned Mississippi’s ban on same-sex marriage, but he is putting his order on hold for two weeks so the state can appeal. U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves issued a preliminary injunction Tuesday. State attorneys have already said [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: the happiest turtle.

This makes me want a pet turtle. Sorry for the late start.  Michaelyn is off school today and sick so I’m being a good hubby.  :)  Will spend much of the day curled up with her, so content won’t be as heavy today. [Read more...]

BREAKING: Federal judge strikes down Arkansas’ gay marriage ban.

Judge Kristine Baker, an Obama appointee, has ruled that Arkansas’ gay marriage ban violates the Constitution! A federal judge struck down Arkansas’ gay marriage ban on Tuesday, which could pave the way for county clerks to resume issuing licenses. U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker ruled in favor of two same-sex couples who had challenged a 2004 [Read More...]

End of the day link dump: ex-youth minister receives sentence for sexual assaults.

So every day I select a group of stories out of my news feed to write about.  However, there are always a bunch left over at the end of the day.  I’m going to start just link-dumping the stories which caught my eye but didn’t get their own post into an end of the day post. Michaelyn [Read More...]