Moral Frameworks: God is up a creek without a ladder

JT posted an article about a baby drowning during a baptism. A fellow named SteveK took issue, and JT decided to post him as an example, as I'm generally in favor of doing. Christianity, by existing, does a great job producing atheists, these days.The topics interests me, so I'd like to dig in and see if I can straighten out the topic. This will not be short. … [Read More...]

Aftermath of appointment #7.

It was a good session.  I left feeling a lot better about things.Last week Katy recorded our session (that was not a good session, I was a traumatic mess).  She showed me the video of that today.  I asked her what this was supposed to accomplish.  She said she wanted me to see what I looked like at the bottom.  I asked what what was supposed to accomplish, but she said the knowledge of what I looked like was the point.We then spoke about my week.  I've been eating enough, but it feels lik … [Read More...]

Close to Lawrence, Kansas? Come hear my wife speak tonight!

Tonight Michaelyn will be giving a talk on the KU campus about how religion is not a mental illness.  :)  If you're in the area, swing by.  Free food and free admission. … [Read More...]

Pre-appointment thoughts.

I haven't weighed myself in a week because I've been eating more.  Each time I feel like shit right after, but I keep doing it.  Today I busted out the scale to check, sure I'd ballooned back up over 200 lbs.  It was 190.0.  I've not gained or lost any weight, despite feeling like I've overeaten eve … [Read More...]

Huckabee: elect people who will fire non-Christians.

Secular Progressive has a great post up about comments potential presidential candidate Mike Huckabee made at the Value Voters Summit.  Seriously, go read the whole thing.  But here's the money quote: Speaking at the 2014 Values Voter Summit this weekend Huckabee said: Some of you are frustrated an … [Read More...]

Religious discrimination in the NFL needs to go.

Ugh, I can't believe I'm writing this.So last night the Kansas City Chiefs sportsed way harder than the New England Patriots.  In that game Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown.  Afterward Abdullah, a devout Muslim, knelt in prayer:For this, Ab … [Read More...]

Lord’s Prayer forced on students in Texas high school marching band

This story was brought to my attention by a friend and neighbor who is the mother of a student who will soon be attending Lewisville High School, part of the Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) that my daughter also goes to, and she was worried that her student might feel left out of the … [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: not a ninja.

Good morning guys.  I have another appointment today, so look for fairly quick posts.  I kind of feel indifferent about everything today, which is nothing new, but today it's a particularly powerful indifference (how's that for a writing mechanism?).  I haven't gained or lost any weight in a week. I … [Read More...]

Rick Perry praises the economic genius of…Sam Brownback.

Rick Perry recently talked up Kansas governor Sam Brownback at a fundraiser by saying a bunch of things that simply aren't true: In competing political events Wednesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry hailed Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s economic record, while supporters of Brownback’s opponent, Paul Davis, to … [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: violence at god’s command ok, because god commanded it. Not so for Allah.

Pat Robertson, who is big on quoting the Koran to show how Islam is an inherently violent religion, talks about genocidal commands in the old testament - justifying them, and saying that such violence was morally good because god commanded it.When Allah commands violence...well, that's Allah, … [Read More...]

Are you in or near Santa Clara, CA and want to use church money for a good cause?

I just saw this image posted by American Atheists on facebook:It's actually a decent investment.  If you convince one new person who tithes for any decent amount of time, your church likely turns a profit.Anyway, when I saw this I thought to myself, "What if that money was going to a … [Read More...]

Ed Hensley doing great work digging into Ark Encounters theme park.

Dan Arel, who has been eviscerating Ken Ham on the regular, will be happy to see this (indeed, he was).  Ed Hensley sent myself and some others the results of an FOIA request regarding the Ark Encounters theme park being build by Answers in Genesis.  It turns out the state of Kentucky is giving m … [Read More...]

A proposed response to ultra-Orthodox Jews who refused to sit next to women on a plane.

An El Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv was recently delayed because a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews, who had been previously assigned seats, refused to sit in those seats because *gasp* it would mean sitting by women. According to the passengers who were on the plane, their fellow ultra-Orthodox … [Read More...]

Ex-gay, ex-gay porn star, fundamentalist Christian explains why “Satan loves anal sex.”

Meet Joseph ciambra.  That link will take you to his website: How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me From Homosexuality, Pornography, and the Occult.  I'd link to some of his previous work, but it might be too interesting and detract from this entry.  You see, Sciambra used to be a gay porn star before h … [Read More...]