FAITH: Jesus is not the answer to this question.

Ok, let me leave you with something happy before I conclude this incredibly frustrating day and hit the road for home.  A friend of mine posted this and it made me smile: … [Read More...]

POLITICS: Boehner calls Obama an “anti-war President.”

House Speaker John Boehner recently attempted to throw a dig at President Obama by calling him an "anti-war President":House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Thursday blasted President Obama as an "anti-war president," saying the commander-in-chief is not doing enough to battle terrorist groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). “The world is starving for American leadership. But America has an anti-war president,” Boehner said during a Capitol Hill press conference. “We have n … [Read More...]


Behold: $110 of frustration.Michaelyn and I are moving to Kansas City.  We applied to rent an apartment which we got, but the person running it called me and told me I had a collections request for $135 from AT&T.  This surprised me since I've not had AT&T in many, many years ( … [Read More...]

PERSONAL: Cancer sucks.

I have one living grandparent and she's on her way out.  A few months ago she got a death sentence in the name of cancer and, talking to my parents who are helping to care for her, it's all the things you expect if you've watched someone die of cancer before (as I have, several times).  She's s … [Read More...]

POLITICS & GAY RIGHTS: Arkansas about to pass an anti-gay law just like Indiana’s.

Last month the state of Arkansas passed a bill that forbid its municipalities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances that included LGBT people.  I know, party of small government, right?  Gov. Asa Hutchinson allowed the bill to become law without his signature, because that's totally different t … [Read More...]


It took a try, but once trust was established... … [Read More...]

CHARITY: Humanist family’s 10 year old daughter has a brain tumor. Let’s help with expenses.

I got an email the other day from a woman I met ages ago as a college student at a CFI convention.  In part it read: Heya, Heya, Just wanted to send this info along to you-- this little girl is the daughter of some Michigan CFI members- great family, really active in the group, and really wonderful … [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen would like a bill requiring mandatory church attendance.

Meet Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen, who is known primarily for saying the earth is 6,000 years old:This person is responsible for making laws.The Arizona State Senate was discussing a concealed carry law the other day when Allen found a way to introduce the idea of mandatory church … [Read More...]

An Agnostic And Atheist Argue About Atheism And Agnosticism

We get into these little debates about atheism vs. agnosticism. They're annoying, but they seem to suck me right in. This rolled through my Facebook feed: I do see atheism as a religion, me. An active believe in the LACK of a god figure (or equivalent mysticism revolving around the origin of … [Read More...]

FAITH: Woman burns down yoga studio to “get rid of the devil’s temple.”

A Texas woman has burned down her yoga studio to "get rid of the devil's temple."A Texas woman explained her unusual mug shot after she was arrested and charged with setting fire to a yoga studio. “Most people can’t understand the smiling mug shot,” Nancy Duarte told KTVT-TVfrom jail. The 41-ye … [Read More...]

GAY RIGHTS: Billionaire CEO of Sales Force Marc Benioff pulls investments out of Indiana after right-to-discriminate bill is signed.

Today Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill that will allow business owners to discriminate against their LGBT customers.  He says the bill does not allow that, which is completely wrong.  In fact, it's precisely what the bill was designed to do:“This bill is not about discrimination,” he sai … [Read More...]

MENTAL ILLNESS: I see affection as a competition.

It was a good therapy session this morning.  "Harold" pushes me hard to explore my underlying perception of the world which might play into my eating disorder.I realized today that I view affection as a competition, which probably goes back to high school when I received little of it from my … [Read More...]

PLANE CRASHES: Co-pilot deliberately crashed Germanwings plane.

The other day I did a write up about the crash of Germanwings flight 9525.  In the post I talked about how it appeared the pilots had some degree of control over the aircraft, which made it strange that they never issued a distress call of any kind.  Now we know why: the co-pilot deliberately c … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: This is acceptable.

The pleases me. … [Read More...]