Rick Joyner goes to heaven, comes back with ability to cure Ebola.

So...gonna have to cut the blogging short today.  The car's check engine light came on and we head off to Apostacon tomorrow, so I have to take her to the doctor.  :(I'll leave you with this clip of Rick Joyner talking about how he recently spent 8 hours in heaven and came back with the power to cure Ebola through the power of prayer: During his recent visit, Joyner learned that there is no Ebola virus in Heaven and that Christians are capable of taking authority over the disease here on e … [Read More...]

Got spare money and want to make atheism accessible to everybody? Consider helping Skepticon.

Skepticon represents a pretty swell ideal: make influential and upcoming voices in atheism/skepticism available to everybody - and that includes everybody who can't even afford $5 for a ticket.  That's why it's always free and why the talks are always uploaded for all (but with advertisements, all of the proceeds of which go to charity).  I suspect that's why it has always received loads of support both financial and otherwise.  But oddly, that support always seems to mostly come in October and N … [Read More...]

Women and gay-friendly mosque to open. You can guess the reaction to that…

A mosque built in the interest of tolerance is being constructed in South Africa:Taj Hargey, director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, a group of "forward thinking" Muslims, said his Open Mosque will welcome all genders, religions and sexual orientations when it opens in Wynberg, … [Read More...]

Sean Hannity inadvertently gives great argument against striking children.

Adrian Peterson, the star NFL running back, has been indicted on child injury charges (turns out he beat his kids).  Sean Hannity doesn't think Peterson was in the wrong and deploys his best argument: his parents hit him and look how "well" he turned out: On Fox News last night, Sean Hannity said … [Read More...]

Hirsi Ali speaks at Yale despite protests from the Yale Humanists.

Controversy has swirled around an appearance by Ayaan Hirsi Ali which took place Monday night on the Yale campus.  Hirsi Ali is a vocal critic of Islam, so one can only expect there would be resistance from the Muslim Student Association at Yale: [The MSA] criticized Yale’s William F. Buckley Jr. Pr … [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: baby kangaroo!

Good morning everybody!  Before I spam you with things that are awful in politics and religion, here's a dog about to take off in a flying car.  He's really excited!  And he's followed by a baby kangaroo.  :)I'm a little pressed for time today, but I'm going to post everything I find tod … [Read More...]

Anorexia journal: now THAT was productive!

Had a great session today.We decided to shelve treating the social anxiety since that will likely go away once my issues with body and food go away.Early on she asked me what I was thinking and, as always, I was frank.  I told her I resented the dance of trying to make it seem like the … [Read More...]

[UPDATED] One of four finalists to be FSU’s next president doesn’t believe in evolution or climate change.

One might think that having a president who, in his time as a state senator, has undermined what is taught in your colleges science classes might be a bit of a hindrance.  This would be like a vegetarian wanting to be president of Outback Steak House.But that's exactly what John Thresher wants. … [Read More...]

Off to appointment #5.

Yesterday was a roller-coaster.  I started the say off feeling pretty normal, even had a normal breakfast with carbs.  But that dissipated as the day went on until I found myself crying at night for fear of leaving my home, my safe space, to travel to Apostacon this weekend.  There's no reason for me … [Read More...]

Jon Stewart on Lindsey Graham’s 13 years of fear-mongering.

Lindsey Graham is a House Rep. Senator out of South Carolina is afraid...of pretty much everything.  That wouldn't be an issue except he helps to make laws.The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive … [Read More...]

Man attempts to murder his wife, tells police Islam grants him that right.

In Arizona a man by the name of Ansar Muhammad has attempted to kill his wife.  Ordinarily murder might conflict with a person's morality, but Ansar's conscience was assuaged with the knowledge that his religion said that killing his wife was ok. In Arizona, a 43-year-old man named Ansar Muhammad … [Read More...]

Courts say Utah man doesn’t have to testify about possible child labor violations because Mormonism.

Under suspicion that an FLDS church (think Mormons who think god wasn't joking about polygamy) in Utah was violating child labor laws the police sought testimony from a man named Vernon Steed.  Steed refused saying that the workings of the church were sacred matters and due to the Hobby Lobby … [Read More...]

Why we argue.

I had a friend in college named Kevin Sweet.  He was kind, quiet, and a tad brilliant.  My arguments from failed biblical prophecy are largely taken from him.  He's now gone off into the world to seek his fortune climbing anything made of rock that has a really high peak.  We've not talked in many ye … [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: best shopping trip ever.

Now I understand: all those groceries were taking up space where puppies could've gone. … [Read More...]