Therese the Little Warrior

Here is my article for National Catholic Register on the astounding things that happened in the first world war.She said she would spend her heaven doing good on earth, and her wish to be a warrior was also fulfilled. She once had a prophetic dream: “I went to sleep for a few moments during prayer. I dreamt there were not enough soldiers for a war against the Prussians. You [Mother Agnes] said: ‘We need to send Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus.’ I answered that I agreed, but that I would pre … [Read More...]


The Day I Met St Therese

I was an Anglican priest the summer I met St Therese of Lisieux. I was living in England and had three months free between jobs, so I decided to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. I was going to hitch hike and stay in monasteries and religious houses on the way.The first leg of my journey took me across the English channel to Normandy. As divine providence would have it, I missed the ferry to the more Eastern port of St Malo and headed instead for the French port of Le Havre. Once off the boat, … [Read More...]

The Death of the Imagination in Narnia

Here is my latest article for Imaginative Conservative website. It is on the subject of the destruction of imagination through the realism of fantasy movies.I was thrilled with how the sorcerers of modern technological had summoned up naiads and dryads, centaurs and minotaurs, dwarves, unicorns … [Read More...]

The Ugliness of Mortal Sin

Sometimes a little phrase jumps off the page or into your ear from a passing conversation.The Holy Spirit takes that phrase and it becomes a launching pad for a meditation on the mystery of this world.The phrase I read in passing was "the ugliness of mortal sin".I thought immediately of … [Read More...]

FaithWorks! 35

FaithWorks! - my free weekly newsletter is out. Go here.This week starts a series on the seven sacraments - beginning with Baptism.Go here to subscribe and receive the newsletter each week. … [Read More...]

The Divine Mercy on I-85

Did I say I was getting excited about the new church we are building at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Greenville, South Carolina?I'm getting really excited. Here's why:When I first came to the parish my predecessor Fr Dac Tran said if I built the church we should build a shrine to the D … [Read More...]

Fisking Cardinal Kaspar in America

America magazine has an interesting interview with Cardinal Kaspar here.I read it trying very hard to be open minded, but geesh, what kind of flaky stuff is this cardinal spouting?Here are some excerpts and my observations in red.Q. Some cardinals and bishops seem to be afraid of this … [Read More...]

Should We Forgive Bishop Conry?

Over the weekend Bishop Kieran Conry, the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton resigned in disgrace after admitting not one, but two affairs with women. One of the women was married with two children.Bishop Conry was part of what Damien Thompson calls "the magic circle." This is the "inside circle" of … [Read More...]

Hope in the Midst of Horror

Victor Frankl was an Austrian Jewish psychiatrist who survived Auschwitz where his wife, mother and brother all died.After the war he wrote what is now a classic, Man's Search for Meaning which was based on his experiences. Out of the great horror of  the death camps he wrote: Our generation is … [Read More...]

The Rosary: Heaven Here and Now

I have never written about this before because it is so personal, but I would like to share what happened the first time I prayed the rosary.I was a young Anglican priest and I was just heading off to make a retreat at the Benedictine monastery of Our Lady of Quarr on the Isle of Wight in … [Read More...]

It Fitz

Jennifer Fitz blogs about our new church here. … [Read More...]

Peter the Model Disciple

 Today at Arlington Diocese's "Risk Jesus" Conference I'll be telling my conversion story, and then pioneering an idea which may turn into a new book: Peter as the Model Disciple.I'll only have time for four points, but there is more to it.The Question: Who Do You Say That I AM? … [Read More...]

Are You in Northern Virginia?

I'll be speaking at the Arlington Diocesan "Risk Jesus" conference tomorrow with Jennifer Fulwiler.If you're in the area come and join us!I'll be doing two talks: first my conversion story and second "The Risk of Faith"Get a boost in your faith and join us at Hylton Memorial Chapel … [Read More...]

Building a Beautiful Church in the Poor Part of Town

Here’s a dilemma: my parish is in the worst socio economic area of our town. Across the street from our campus is a crappy old motel which was built along I-85 probably forty years ago. It’s a notorious flophouse. What goes on there? Suffice it to say that they offer weekly, daily and hourly rat … [Read More...]

Where is Jesus?

Deacon Kandra has an excellent post here about the placement of the tabernacle in the new Christ's Cathedral in California.Many people like it placed centrally behind the high altar, but that is a comparatively late innovation in Church history, and there are good reasons for it being placed … [Read More...]

Witness from Albania

 This story is from Pope Francis' visit to Albania. An old priest tells the story of how he was imprisoned, tortured, sentenced to death and finally spent over thirty years in a forced labor camp for his Catholic faith. During his visit to Tirana, Albania, on Sept. 21, Pope Francis met … [Read More...]