Lord of the Flies

Holy Week: Tribe, Trauma, Transaction

Do you remember reading William Golding's Lord of the Flies?A group of civilized English schoolboys are stranded on a desert island and soon turn savage. They form a tribe to hunt, and then their child like fears evolve into a primitive religion. They soon project their anger and frustration on the boys who are oddballs and outsiders. Then they isolate the scapegoat, persecute, cast out and finally destroy him as a sacrifice.This is what human beings do. All around the world and down … [Read More...]

A Female Patriarch?

Can a Woman be a Patriarch?

My latest article for National Catholic Register asks whether patriarchy is a bad thing and whether you can have Christianity without patriarchs, popes and papas.Modernists would argue that all gender identities are inventions from social circumstances. In other words, what we call a “man” or a “woman” is defined by learned customs and conventional traditions. A little girl is given a doll, a play kitchen and fashion cutouts so she learns to do girly things and identify as a woman. A boy … [Read More...]

FaithWorks! – Lent 5

FaithWorks! is my free weekly newsletter on the practical practice of the Catholic faith.This week's is a bit late, but it is now published for the fifth week of Lent.Go here to read.Help evangelize by sharing on social media! … [Read More...]

What does Myth have to do with the New Evangelization?

The talk I gave last Spring in New York at the offices of First Things has been posted online here.The lecture is about myth and evangelization. What is myth? What is a faith story? Why does it matter? A myth is a story that incarnates universal truths in such a way that the audience … [Read More...]

Zayn Malik, Cinderella and What Women Want

This week I went to see Branagh's Cinderella with my daughter. It was a delight. I'll write more on Cinderella and the use of fairy tales later today, but first it occurred to me that the Cinderella story linked up with another news item this week--the departure of a British boy band singer na … [Read More...]

Why It’s Impossible to Be a Catholic

It's those ten commandments. They're impossible!Not long ago I had an email correspondence with a man who was divorced and remarried.He asked why the church could not be more "forgiving".By this I think he meant that he wanted the church to say his second marriage was okay, or maybe he … [Read More...]

Why Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill Will Backfire

Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a new bill which guarantees religious freedom in the state.I am glad for these efforts and agree with what is a very reserved and cautious law--which balances religious freedom with equal rights.But I think it is going to backfire.Here's why:The … [Read More...]

Chust for Nice – Annunciation

Click picture to enlarge … [Read More...]

March 25, Frodo Baggins and the End of the World

Today is Ladyday--the Solemnity of the Annunciation and yes, you can break your Lenten fast to celebrate.You can also celebrate the end of the world and J.R.R.Tolkien reading day.Here's why: Tolkien, a devout Catholic, wove his Catholicism into The Lord of the Rings in a very profound  and su … [Read More...]

Jeb and Hillary – A Dastardly Dynasty?

Are we really going to be faced with either the Bush dynasty or the Clinton dynasty in next year's presidential election?What kind of a republic elects members of a dynastic family to rule?A failing republic if I remember my history.I don't know much Roman history beyond I, Claudius but i … [Read More...]

Cardinal Kasper vs. Cardinal Newman

 My latest article for National Catholic Register comments on Cardinal Kasper's recent speech in which he says the upcoming synod will be a battle.The German cardinal continues to propose a "pastoral approach" to the thorny issue of communion for divorced and remarried … [Read More...]

Bob Jones’ Apology? This From a Bob Jones Grad

Splashed across the headlines today is the news that Bob Jones III--Chancellor, former president and grandson of the founder of Bob Jones University, has apologized for some inflammatory remarks about homosexuals thirty five years ago. USAToday carries the story here. Back in 1980 Bob Jones stated … [Read More...]

Scientific Evidence for God?

In an article published last Christmas Eric Metaxas points out how our increasing scientific knowledge points increasingly to the existence of God.The existence of the God of the Bible isn't revealed by scientific lab tests. Instead, Metals points out how we are gaining more and more information … [Read More...]

The Terminator – Will the Machines Take Over?

Just last night I was talking with the sixteen year old about the sci-fi possibility that the machines will take over.Will computers take over? Will the Terminator scenario--the rise of the machines really happen?In this article from the Daily Telegraph Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak … [Read More...]

Celebrate Divine Mercy Weekend With Johnette Benkovic

Johnette Benkovic is coming to Greenville, SC to Our Lady of the Rosary parish for a Divine Mercy Weekend.Join me and Johnette and EWTN Radio  host Steve Wood on Saturday April 11 and Sunday afternoon April 12 for a conference on Divine Mercy and the Family.Go here to our new website for all … [Read More...]

Why Is Something Sinful?

It's Lent. It's a penitential season.So off we go to confession to confess our sins.But why is something sinful anyway?Most of us believe things are sinful because someone has told us they are sinful."Don't sleep with a girl before marriage.""Why  not?""Because it's … [Read More...]