God the Father or Sugar Daddy?

Here is my latest post for ZENIT: Is it God the Father or Sugar Daddy in the sky?Atheists sometimes blame Christians for believing in a Heavenly Father who is great big sugar daddy in the sky who will take us to heaven when we die. Our God, they say, is like Colonel Sanders—always beaming down from above with a benevolent smile and perhaps a bucket of fried chicken if we are good boys and girls. This Father in heaven is a comforting thought when life is hard. They continue by saying that a … [Read More...]

St Joseph of Cupertino - Patron Saint of Pilots and Aviators

Could St Joseph of Cupertino Really Fly?

Today is the feast day of St Joseph of Cupertino. To learn about his life go here.Joseph was born into a poor family in Cupertino, Italy in 1603. His father was a poor carpenter who died before he was born, and his impoverished mother gave birth to him in a stable.The poor boy started out with no advantages and his misfortune continued. To put it bluntly, he was stupid to the point of being unteachable. Everything he attempted he failed. His ecstasies began early in life and he would … [Read More...]

Stigmatics Today

Today is the memorial of the Stigmata of St Francis.Stigmata are one of those unusual phenomena within the Catholic religion which remind us of that the body, mind and spirit are completely interlinked. The word stigmata comes from the Greek word stigma or "mark" and this word is used in … [Read More...]

The Greed Creed

I've got a series of article on the seven deadly sins being published over at Catholic Exchange. Go here for this week's article on GreedWe think of greed as a fat cat banker who pays himself a million dollar bonus after already receiving a salary of three million for working a seventy hour week … [Read More...]

Love and Marriage: What Can Be Done?

With the upcoming Synod of the Family some Catholics are biting their nails that there is going to be a revolution in church discipline and that suddenly all divorced and re-married Catholics will be permitted to receive communion.Probably not according to Cardinal Pell.The fathers of the … [Read More...]

A Little Literary Tour of Oxford

Here is my article for the Imaginative Conservative this week. It is an imaginary tour of literary Oxford.No other city in the world oozes literature as Oxford does. So come with me on a little literary tour of the city. We are going to start in the street called St Aldate’s at the front gate of … [Read More...]

The Marriage Mess

Some Catholics are worrying themselves over whether the pope will allow Catholics who are divorced and remarried to receive communion.I am as concerned as anyone else about this issue and feel that the rule cannot be changed without changing the Catholic understanding of marriage. Indissoluble … [Read More...]

Why Do Catholics Fall For the New Age Movement?

I always meet fascinating people and new friends when I come to EWTN to tape programs.I had lunch today with Sharon Giganti of the New Age Deception website.We discussed what made the New Age Movement so attractive to so many Catholics.I traveled to EWTN today in my clericals, and as … [Read More...]

Drill Sergeant Wanted

It never ceases to amaze me how soft and spineless we are when it comes to our Catholic faith.Everything else takes precedence. "It's the annual retreat for your sons and daughters. Your kids have to be there.""They've got a volleyball game that weekend we're so busy I don't feel comfortable … [Read More...]

The Truth and Charity Trap

In observing the Christian world in which I live and move and have my being it occurs to me that we too often fall into one of two different traps: we are charitable without truth or we are truthful without charity.By “charity” I mean the desire and inclination to be loving, kind and good to oth … [Read More...]

Flexible Marriage Vows? Enter Polygamy

John Allen reminds us that two thirds of the world's Catholics are outside the developed world and their concerns about moral matters and family issues are not always the same as ours.While we debate divorce and re-marriage for Catholics and think same sex "marriage" is a hot topic, in many … [Read More...]

We’re So Much Better Than ISIS….Really?

In Jennifer Fulwiler's conversion story Something Other Than Godshe recounts the time when she and her husband began to wake up to the implications of their pro-abortion convictions. She was into her second pregnancy when the reality of their views suddenly clashed with the reality of the ultra … [Read More...]

The Day I Met Ian Paisley

Dr Ian Paisley was good friends with Dr Bob Jones Jr.--the son of the founder of Bob Jones University. In fact Paisley's doctorate was an honorary doctorate from BJU.Paisley used to come to Bob Jones University every Spring to preach at their annual Bible Conference.I was a student at B0b … [Read More...]

Ten Things to Remember When You’re Fed Up With Other Catholics

Maybe it's just me, but I seem to hear an increasing amount of grumbling from about the state of the church.Some folks complain about the new generation of priests, "All these guys seem to care about is lace and china tea cups! Are they all pansies? What's going on? Why do they have to return to … [Read More...]

Cardinal O’Malley at Crux

Last evening I attended the official launch of Crux--the Boston Globe's new website dedicated to "all things Catholic."The venue was the splendid campus of Boston College. In the afternoon I had the chance to tour the campus with fellow Patheos blogger Tim Muldoon, and had the better part of an … [Read More...]

Conversion or Conquest?

My latest post for Aleteia is here. It asks the question, "Is conquest the way to ultimately defeat Islamic radicals?" The military response may provide an adequate defense, liberate prisoners and bring a limited justice and a fragile peace, but it does not solve the deeper problem. One can be … [Read More...]