Is There a Split in the Catholic Church?

Some time ago a priest friend I'll call Tony was discussing the problems he was having with some colleagues and parishioners.Whenever he had an idea or tried to get something going he met resistance.It wasn't that his people and fellow priests didn't like him. It wasn't that they were angry, rebellious or ugly.He said it was as if they were simply on a different wavelength. They were not connecting. They didn't seem to have the same set of priorities. They couldn't pull together and … [Read More...]


Prepare Now for a Holy Lent

Lent is just around the corner. Have you made any preparations yet?In our parish we are not having extra services, Bible studies, meetings and stuff to do.Instead we are using new and old media to provide our people with a plethora of good materials so they can make their own Lent holy.St Benedict said everyone should read a good book during Lent, and what better book to keep by your side than a new volume to help you focus on the Stations of the Cross.Produced by Holy Deacon … [Read More...]

Pope Francis – Apocalypse Now?

Pope Francis remains an exciting enigma for many. Some find him maddening while others find him enlightening and others are simply confused.My article for Aleteia this week gives the key to understanding Pope Francis. It opens the door to his world vision and this underlying perspective … [Read More...]

You Are Not Your Mood

From the Big Red Book: If I were asked to give  young man or woman a bit of advice taking only a minute or two it would run as follows: Try to regard your states of mind as visits to places. "Now I am in the angry place or the melancholy place or the misunderstood- by- everybody place." The point … [Read More...]

On Luxury Cars, Simplicity of Life and Francis the Pope

As a Catholic priest I am bound to observe Canon 282 in the Code of Canon Law which states "Clerics are to foster simplicity of life and are to refrain from all things that have a semblance of vanity."The problem is, I am shopping for a new car since my 2007 Volvo S60 was smashed by a 1977 Ford … [Read More...]

Get Slubgrip!

The special pre-publication offer of my Lent book Slubgrip Instructs only lasts for the month of January.The pre publication price on my website here is $14.95 plus $3.00 p+pAmazon price is $16.61.February first the website price will be $16.50 so with shipping it will remain about the … [Read More...]

Church of England? What’s That?

View image | gettyimages.comWith the ordination of Libby Lane as the first female bishop in the Church of England we finally have closure over the vexed question of the identity of the Anglican Church.Since the Oxford Movement in the nineteenth century members of the Church of England have … [Read More...]

Frodo for Pope?

 Sometime ago I wrote a blog post entitled "Frodo for Pope". I didn't know it would all come true one day. On a serious note, why not take time to read my essay, The Little Way Through Middle Earth? It pulls out the Catholicism of Lord of the Rings and links it to St Therese. Go here to … [Read More...]

In Which Your Blogger’s Car is Totaled…

...and he contemplates his mortality and materialistic mindset.I was heading over the church to hear confessions in my seven year old much loved Volvo.There was a traffic jam and tailback, so I eased down and joined the queue.Looking in my mirror I see a jalopy of an old Ford Bronco … [Read More...]

Weapons for Battling Lucifer in Lent

Lent is coming up and I'm finally getting down to Paul Thigpen's excellent Manual for Spiritual Warfare.This little book is the best I've found on the subject. Paul launches into the subject of spiritual warfare with clear explanations, solid research and simple language.This is an area … [Read More...]

St Francis de Sales – Patron of Bald Writers

Quotes from St Francis de Sales --the patron of bald writers Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset. Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. Make … [Read More...]

The Pope, Women Priests and Pedophiles

In all the rush by secularists to embrace Pope Francis as the Great Reformer, the Great White Hope, the Superpope, the New Messiah, the Man of the Year, the Poster Boy for all things groovy and left wing, a detail this week seems to have slipped by un noticed.This article from Catholic News … [Read More...]

Grow From Your Wound

When I was training as a screenwriter the teacher said something that stayed with me. He said, "Your character must grow from his wound."In other words, it is that hole in our heart, that gnawing pain, that dark shadow in our lives that must become our growth point.For one person it may be a … [Read More...]

So You Don’t Like Pope Francis?

Is that your fault or his fault?Whenever I write explaining why I like Pope Francis the com boxes are filled with the most amazing negativities.The complainer send me emails too, and I wonder if they have stopped to read what they have written before hitting the "Send" button.Who are … [Read More...]

Countering Campus Corruption

One of the most shocking things about sending our kids to campus is that there are not only a host of worldly temptations, but there are many schools in which part of the freshman curriculum is a course that is designed to undermine and destroy the Christian faith.One of our local graduates came … [Read More...]

Use Lent Books for Your Fundraiser!

Have you read and enjoyed Gargoyle Code?Would you like to get some good books into the hands of your parishioners and raise funds at the same time?Write to me at and I'll tell you how.It's very simple: Because The Gargoyle Code and Slubgrip Instructs are self pu … [Read More...]