Pope greets child after celebrating Pentecost Mass at Vatican

Francis, Faith and Family

Here is my latest article for Aleteia on Pope Francis' comments on faith and family. With the Synod on the Family ending its first round, Pope Francis has used the opportunity to re-affirm and strengthen the church’s teaching on marriage and family life, and with it a refreshing understanding of what it means to live the Catholic faith.In his closing speech of the synod, Pope Francis acknowledged that the synod debates had been somewhat stormy. The journey was difficult and the waters s … [Read More...]


Mantilla the Hon on the Cappa Magna

Guest blogger Mantilla Amontillado is the founder of Veritas Vestments. She holds a degree in Ecclesiastical Haberdashery from Salamanca University. She has done the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella three times on horseback and is engaged to the famous matador, Senor Augusto Torquemada.Lemme tell you hon, that Cardinal Burke, he some kind of crazy American bishop.I just about roll over and thank Jesus, Mary and Joseph when I see him wear the cappa magna.Everybody say, "Ohh, … [Read More...]

Answering Margery Eagan on Homosexuality

Margery Eagan, the spirituality columnist at Boston Globe's CRUX website poses a question about homosexuality in this column.Listening to the reading at Mass this week from Ephesians Margery heard St Paul say, "Slaves be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling." The priest … [Read More...]

Does Beauty Matter?

True story: here in the Bible Belt a young Baptist high school kid goes into a Catholic Church.He's smart and amazingly well read.Already by eleventh grade he has rejected Baptist fundamentalist Christianity. He's explored the other world religions and rejected them all. He's on the brink of … [Read More...]

Troubled by Evil Spirits or Demons?

Are all evil spirits demonic?I don't think so, and here's why:From time to time I will have someone come to see me who thinks they are demon possessed.They may be hearing voices telling them to do bad things or they might be having hallucinations which they interpret as devils. They … [Read More...]

Get Real Here and Now

I've worn out the keyboard on my laptop.Honestly. The keys don't respond. Maybe my laptop is telling me something.I spend so much time on the laptop because I write, write, write.I'm blessed with lots of ideas so I clutter up the blogosphere, websites and publishers with my tappety … [Read More...]

Pick Your Villain: Kasper or Chaput

John Allen gives his usual distanced and objective analysis here over some recent fireworks involving Cardinal Kasper and Archbishop Chaput of PhiladelphiaAccording to CRUX's heavy hitter, Kasper was unfairly attacked by the conservatives and Chaput by the liberals.First, both the Kasper and … [Read More...]

Providence, Paranoia and Peace

Here is my article for ZENIT this week.Everyone operates with a certain set of assumptions which they rarely examine. On this foundation of assumptions they construct a framework of beliefs which give order and meaning to their life. Even nihilists find a paradoxical “order and meaning” in beli … [Read More...]

The Intellectually Secular Insane

Fr George Rutler has a clever and rollicking essay here at Crisis Magazine in which he twits the twits in the ivory towers of the Ivy League in their ridiculously blind defense of radical Islam Public thinkers have been usurped by practical atheists who are politely styled “secularists.”  Esse … [Read More...]

Ten Things That Are Killing the Family

The Synod fathers this month were trying to address a real crisis in the human race: the disintegration of the family.The problems are very complex and are not simply a matter of people disobeying God's law and running around with whoever they please.Is promiscuity a problem? Of course. Is … [Read More...]

History, Histrionics and Hysteria

This week's article at The Imaginative Conservative website chronicles the tug of war in the study of English ecclesiastical history.Which will it be? Once upon a time the people of England were happy Catholics, visiting their holy wells, attending frequent masses and deeply respectful of … [Read More...]

How Close Is This Church to Reality?

Readers of this blog have been following the progress of an exciting new church building project at Our Lady of the Rosary parish in Greenville, South Carolina.In the heart of the Bible Belt we are building a church that looks Catholic to proclaim our Catholic faith with vigor, joy and … [Read More...]

Duane Mandible on Welcoming Grays

Guest blogger, Duane Mandible is a contributing editor to The Truth Hurts, a bi-monthly journal of politics, economics and opinion. He also contributes regularly to Freedom Monthly; Illuminations and The Sojourner. Duane is the author of Guns and Knives will Save Your Children’s Lives. He is Vice Pre … [Read More...]

Why Build a Romanesque Church Today?

When I arrived at Our Lady of the Rosary parish one of my first tasks was to meet with the Building Committee.The folks in the parish had been trying to build a church for about twenty years off and on and for various reasons it simply didn't get done.Now it was my job.So we rolled up … [Read More...]

Conversion or Come to Daddy?

I read a smart comment yesterday: "Conservatives want to convert people by arguing with them. Liberals want to convert people by agreeing with them."It's pithyI can see the distinction, but I'm not sure it is merely a "conservative-Liberal" clash.Underlying the tensions within the … [Read More...]

Gimme That Ole Time Religion

I'm not too concerned about getting the Catholic religion up to date for people.That's because the Catholic religion transcends time.Oh yes, we can tinker with this and that, use modern methods of communication and so forth, but no sense tinkering with the religion itself.If it ain't … [Read More...]