The Pickle of Private Judgment under discussion over at the Register. … [Read More...]

What it feels like to be a Chestertonian

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This will have been extremely funny

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Help Asia Bibi

LAHORE: Today the appeal case of Asia Bibi adjourned for October 16,2014.The Court has given last chance to lawyers of the both side for final arguments.Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Human Rights Defender and Chief of LEAD ,who has recently pledged to do all he can to help free Asia Bibi, was present in the court along with his team and leading counsel of the appeal case S.K.Choudary. On June,24,2014 LEAD filed petition in Lahore High Court,Lahore for the re-fixation of earlier hearing … [Read More...]

First They Came for the Bloggers and…

Hey! Waitaminnit! That's me!Reader Joe Wagner writes:I stumbled across an old post of yours where someone was defending Cliven Bundy by saying "first they came for the rancher and I said nothing." We all know the quote that comes from. Is it just me or does it sound morally relativistic? … [Read More...]

In Post-Modern American Politics, Every Correct Child is a Gift

The Faith tells us every child is a gift and we can find a way to make room for them at the table of life, if we are willing.  No qualifications on that whatsoever.The Thing that Used to be Liberalism says every *wanted* child is a gift and every unwanted child is a burden that should be … [Read More...]

A Parable

About how an increasing number of us feel when our corporate/political Ruling Class promise us they are taking us toward peace and prosperity.  Oh, and the whole God thing is so passe.  We're past that Original Sin stuff now.  Science is our savior. … [Read More...]

A Popular Anti-Christian Lie

Jesus Christ said“Blessed are you poor, for yours is the kingdom of God." (Lk 6:20–21).Propaganda says:Or the second group worked hard and were downsized before they could retire. Or their husband left them with four kids. Or they were widowed and could not function due to depression an … [Read More...]

Just did an Interview with America

You can read it here.It will be refreshing for a change to be read by an audience that will likely regard me as a savage neanderthal instead of a damn librul. … [Read More...]

Latest Real Jesus turns out to totally agree with discoverer of Latest Real Jesus.

Reza Aslan (whom the HuffPo regards a "religious scholar"): Jesus was a Marxist.Old news, of course. Of the manufacture of Latest Real Jesuses there is no end. As Anthony Sacramone has pointed out: • Jesus was a woman . • Jesus was a space alien and is buried in Japan . • Jesus survived the cr … [Read More...]

This is hilarious

Two men are marrying in New Zealand--gay activists are outraged and horrified!Seems the guys getting married are simply heterosexual buddies who decided to make use of gays' hard-won struggle to redefine the word "marriage" to mean whatever anybody likes in order to... well, let's let them … [Read More...]

This is Unquestionably True

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Princesses, every single one of them.  And each of them worth a thousand Richard Dawkinses. "Spirit,'' said Scrooge, with an interest he had never felt before, ``tell me if Tiny Tim will live.''"I see a vacant seat,'' replied the Ghost, ``in the poor chimney-corner, and a crutch without an … [Read More...]

Checkmate, Atheists!

Thanks (I think) to Steven Greydanus for pointing me to this amazing... thing. … [Read More...]

Just Don’t, Okay?

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Only a person with a heart of stone can watch this video without laughing

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My preference

Instead of Cafeteria Catholicism, I prefer All You Can Eat Catholicism. … [Read More...]

I am about to re-write History!

History.Ah me!  I slay me! … [Read More...]

The script for “The Principle” in three panels

"I'm just sayin'!" is also acceptable for the third panel. … [Read More...]

This killed me

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Between the Skeptic and the Fundamentalist

Yr. Obdt Svt navigates the riptides between the two most popular forms of fundamentalism in American culture. … [Read More...]