Your Church is Changing

As an unexpected fruit of the Synod, I have been appointed Pope.  As my first act, I have sought to reconcile Traditionalists and gay marriage advocates by instituting the Darling Papal Tiara.  So far, all the focus group results seem positive.  Also, my liturgical dance moves have been termed "groovalicious" by both The Remnant *and* the National Catholic Reporter.  So that little dustup appears to be over.  Now, accompanied by my own personal beat boxer (former Vice President Dick Cheney, behi … [Read More...]

I’m launching two radio shows!

The first will fire up the jets tomorrow, October 22, on Radio Maria at 6 PM Eastern and airing every Wednesday at the same bat time and same bat place.  The show will be called, creatively enough, Catholic and Enjoying It Live! and will be a lively look at life, the universe, and everything from the perspective of the Catholic faith.  I will have guests both familiar and from off the beaten path, as well as a mix of goofiness and seriousness (much like the blog).  And since it's live, you'll be … [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: Mark, please say a prayer, My partner's brother was shot last night. While, apparently, he only got shot in the shoulder, my partner is still out of his mind. Father, hear our prayer for this man's complete healing in body, soul, and spirit.  Grant his caregivers grace, compassion, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, creativity, insight, skill, and the proper technology to assist in his healing.  Grant him and all who love him grace, peace, strength, consolation, faith, hope, and l … [Read More...]

Bergoglio’s List is out today

One of the funniest misfires in the wake of the election of Francis was the instantaneous attempt of the hardcore atheist and Catholic hater crowd on the Left to accuse him of being a tool of the military dictator nasties in Argentina who disappeared political enemies, etc during the Dirty War. It was a very inadvisable line of attack and exploded rather spectacularly in their faces.Now comes a book that details the history of Bergoglio's actual engagement with the regime. Here's the … [Read More...]

Fr. Robert Barron Revisits the Argument from Motion

I love his Thomism for Joe SixPak stuff: Revisiting the Argument from MotionBy Very Rev. Robert BarronFather Robert Barron is the founder of the global ministry, Word on Fire, and the Rector/President of Mundelein Seminary. He is the creator of the award winning documentary series, … [Read More...]

Baltimore Cops Beat up Innocent Old Lady that she's tougher than they realized.Baltimore is hemorrhaging money from suits against cops.  Naturally, the bureaucrats don't think of hiring better cops, they think of screwing the victims out of money.  Smart. … [Read More...]


...the death penalty. … [Read More...]

Visiting the Sick

Yr. Obdt. Svt. on a Work of Mercy that has suddenly taken on especially Christ-like significance as panicked people freak out about a handful of cases of ebola.If you want to know more about the Catholic tradition of the works of mercy, click on this lovely cover: … [Read More...]

It Didn’t Go Out with Vatican II

In which we discuss the bizarre unity of Reactionaries and Progressives when it comes to the peculiar belief that the Church split into two Churches--pre- and post-Vatican II, some 50 years ago. For the rest of us, it's still just the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church--even when Francis is … [Read More...]

Looking for work?

Preschool Teachers & Subs Needed ASAP! Internships Also Available!JP2 Preschool (, a private Catholic Preschool in the Redmond/Kirkland/Bellevue area, is looking for a Lead Teacher, assistant teachers as well as several substitute teachers to hire ASAP! We are a … [Read More...]

Any Friend of Brandon Vogt’s is a Friend of Mine

Brandon writes: You probably know the Church is holding a Synod on the Family. The gathering was called to discuss new ways to strengthen families and encourage faithful marriages.But even considering the Synod, I think the most beautiful, edifying words on marriage to emerge this year came … [Read More...]

Well done, Officer Mook!

Well done indeed! … [Read More...]

Acceptable Losses

Low wage workers are lazy and deserve to be punished with death, like this woman. They are Takers who do not deserve a living wage. Unlike productive Makers such as the millionaire members of Congress or the living saints like Donald Trump and Paris Hilton who totally deserve their earnings due to … [Read More...]

Interesting New Book on Catholic History Forthcoming

Arriving next month from Christendom PressThe Past as Pilgrimage: Narrative, Tradition, and the Renewal of Catholic HistoryChristopher Shannon Christopher O. BlumIn this book, Catholic historians Shannon and Blum challenge the secular bias currently prevalent among professional … [Read More...]

Gigantic Pro-Family Demonstration in Paris

A reader writes:I just had to drop you a line to share this with you. Last week, my wife and I were in France on a business trip and, on our last day, happened to run into a massive protest in Paris by La Manif Pour Tous, the French group which stands up for families and marriage between a man … [Read More...]

The Gay Vanguard of History Threatens to Bury Me

When I'm not busy being a Damn Librul disguised as a Catholic and bent on destroying the Church with my Damn Librulism and sinister pro-homosexual agitprop that must be exposed, I'm working hard to be a troglodyte bigot who won't get with the homosexual program.  Case in point, this charming … [Read More...]

“I Can Tolerate Anything Except the Outgroup”

A very perceptive essay that, inter alia, mentions Chesterton's Father Brown while talking shrewdly about the difference between actually forgiving and merely excusing things we don't really think are sins.Real forgiveness is hard because it addresses people who, you know, sinned, dammit!  They … [Read More...]

Bill Doino, Jr. on La Popessa…

...over at First Things. … [Read More...]

Of Hard Heads and Soft Hearts

A discussion of creeds over at the Register. … [Read More...]

Dear Lefties: The solution to every problem you face

When addressing the right about any social, political, environmental, or financial problem you want to address, just link it to Teh Terrorists[TM]:Note:  Be careful how you phrase the appeal.  Don't say things like "Global Warming Helped Create  ISIS" because, you know, there's an Eyeroll Fac … [Read More...]

Houston Mayor Backs Down

Good. Now she should be voted out for so much as attempting to subpoena sermons. … [Read More...]

Interesting Move of the Spirit in Ireland

An Irish reader writes:A BBC top political correspondent here in Northern Ireland - Martina Purdy - is taking tentative steps towards religious life with the Sisters of Adoration & Reparation. Originally from West Belfast (predominantly a Nationalist/Republican area- not like 'your' … [Read More...]