I’m Likin’ Abby Johnson Better and Better Everyday

The woman is prolife, not merely anti-abortion. Instead of driving abortion clinic workers further into their life of evil for the sake of a photo op, she befriends them and calls them out of that life.Instead of talking as though opposition to abortion is carte blanche to cheer for the killing of adults, she recognizes that human life is sacred, even when it is guilty human life. … [Read More...]

Socrates on the Interwebz

Mike Flynn passes this gem along: From Deogowulf's now sadly silent The Joy of Curmudgeonry, a scenario familiar to many at various blogs:Thermippos — The Complete DialogueThe scene is the agora, outside the office of the magistrate. Socrates is on his way to answer charges of impiety. There he meets Thermippos holding forth confidently amidst a gathering of young men. Naturally, since death is on his mind, Socrates seizes the opportunity to discuss the subject with a man who seems certain of ev … [Read More...]

Sigh. I gotta see if I can connect this guy with one of the Dominicans over at Newman

A University of Washington evolutionary biology prof talks as though he has never so much as heard of St. Thomas.Proving, once again, that atheists and fundamentalists are brothers under the skin, Dr. Barash goes to war against stuff that, while it's really important to a lot of Fundamentalists, are entirely beside the point to Catholic thought, as well as making the usual category errors of slipping metaphysical claims in under the guise of "science".Blunder #1:The twofold … [Read More...]

Hey, Eastern Washington! I’m coming your way tonight and tomorrow!

Courageously braving Stevens Pass in winter, I will be heading over to Wenatchee to speak at St. Joseph Parish tonight at 7 PM and then tomorrow from 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM.  We will be talking about 101 Reasons Not to be  Catholic (a fun Chestertonian look at our culture's reaction to the Faith), Making Senses Out of Scripture (reading the Bible as the first Christians did); This is My Body (the biblical case for the Real Presence in the Eucharist); and Mary, Mother of the Son (a look at Mary's p … [Read More...]

Paranoia is the Serious Business of Heaven

New Horizons in Conspiracy Cinema are under discussion over at the Register. … [Read More...]

Martin Luther: Patron of Internet Religious Dialogue

Somebody is putting out memes of his quotes *besides* the heroic-sounding "Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me!" I've always felt a certain pity for Luther.  A man with deep Daddy Issues who never should have been a monk in the first place.  In many ways the first modern bad boy superstar w … [Read More...]

The Difference between Dick Cheney and Lakechia Schonta Stanley

...is that when he authorizes drowning somebody and calls it "dunking" or a "splash of water", or authorizes beating somebody and calls it "enhanced interrogation", conservatives hail him as a hero and repeat his Orwellian BS word for word as though it were gospel.  When a black woman tries these " … [Read More...]


Why people prefer fiction. … [Read More...]

Today in Adorable Cuddly Weirdness

Knitted jumpers for protecting penguins from oil spills: … [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes:Please pray for a family member who recently had surgery and the recovery is not going too well. Thank you for your prayers.Father, hear our prayer for swift and complete healing for this person. Give their caregivers grace, compassion, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, … [Read More...]

If you are prolife and not merely anti-abortion…

...then shredding families will matter as much as killing children, since shredding families often leads to killing children--and killing other people too. … [Read More...]

A reader is concerned that Patti Smith will do a concert at the Vatican

She writes: Now I know this is written from a charmingly anti-Catholic perspective--and that indeed the whole intent of this piece is to smear Catholicism--but I have to point this out as a tiny smidge of why certain Catholics are reacting to the Pope the way they are. There's just no reason to … [Read More...]

A Grateful Ruling Class Thanks the Troops!

...by cutting food stamps and telling them..."We're ennobling you, soldier!" "If you neglect the poor, you will go to hell." - Abp. Charles Chaput, summarizing the gospel for people like Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) in the flickering hope they will drop this Darwinian BS, hear and obey b … [Read More...]

Homeless Texan becomes Youtube Star…

...after filming what it's like to live on the street.If your first response is "No human being should be forced to live on the street" you are part of the solution.If your first response is "If he's really so bad off, why does he have a cell cam and a computer upload it with? He needs to be … [Read More...]

From the Land Where Children are Private Property

...for narcissists who see them as either expendable burdens or property: Women Transitions from Being Terrified of Getting Pregnant to Being Terrified She Can't Get Pregnant When childbearing becomes a means of accessorizing, a culture has lost something foundational to humanity. … [Read More...]

Today, Tom McDonald and I will be chatting at 6PM Eastern on Catholic and Enjoying it Live!

You can listen in here and call 1-866-333-6279.  I will be asking him why he decided to break off his engagement to Cher.  If you have questions, by all means, call in! … [Read More...]

Prayer Request

A reader writes: I was wondering if I could request a prayer for help for my aunt. She had some tests done on a lump on her throat and the results have come back and they indicate she has metastatic cancer. I lost an uncle and another aunt earlier this year and I don't want to lose a third … [Read More...]


The power of the gospel. Lovely to see it permeate something as mundane as an advertisement: … [Read More...]

Consistent Life Ethic Indie Gogo

...sounds like a 60s retro prolife skit at a church summer camp, but is, in fact, a nifty fundraiser with cool T-shirt demonstrating that being prolife is more than merely being anti-abortion. Just click the pic: … [Read More...]

Stephan Pastis Deserves a Pulitzer for This

followed immediately by summary execution. … [Read More...]

If Eisenhower Had Given the Gettysburg Address

The older I get, the more respect I have for Eisenhower, and the more complete alien he looks to bizarre thing that conservatism has become.  Can you imagine the shrieking hysterics of the Drown the Government in the Bathtub types if Obama were to propose the construction of the Interstate system … [Read More...]

Cardinal George has some questions for Pope Francis

Very reasonable ones, it seems to me, and I'd love to be a fly on the wall at that conversation.One reader informs me that I divide the whole discussion of this papacy into Francis-hating Reactionaries vs. All is Well.Nope. There are perfectly legitimate things to wonder about with this pope … [Read More...]