Prayer Requests

A reader writes: I am requesting prayers for needs on my behalf (and those relying on my behalf) at work.Thank you. Father, hear our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and St. Luke, pray for him and all who rely on him.Another reader writes: I can't stop thinking about work after I finish for the day. My evenings and weekends are ruined because of my worries about work. I know it is an irrational fear, but I can't shake the worry. I also find it difficult … [Read More...]

CNN’s Selective Concern about the War on Women

Remember when violence against women was wrong? Turns out it's *hilarious* if the victim happens to be a tribal enemy of the Left. Wednesday afternoon, CNN anchor Carol Costello hyped newly released audio of Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol tearfully recounting her being physically assaulted during a fight the family was involved in last month by saying it was “quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across.” She grinned during the entire setup.The anchor went on to … [Read More...]

There are two kinds of questions

Those which are asked to find things out and those which are asked to keep from finding things 0ut.  We are discussing them over at the Register. … [Read More...]

Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

Simcha Fisher has the story of a woman who, after 17 years of marriage and six kids, was ditched by her husband (who is lawyering up and trying to reduce her to penury).  Now, on top of that, she needs major surgery.  If you can help her, you'd be helping Christ. … [Read More...]

Question about Legalizing Marijuana

A reader asks: Can Catholics support legalizing marijuana based on the Principle of the Toleration of Evil?I read a blog post arguing that Catholics can support the legalization of marijuana based on the Principle of the Toleration of Evil which the author supports with this quote from Pope Leo … [Read More...]

This happens to our WORLD CHAMPION SEAHAWKS on a regular basis

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Dear The Internet

I can never really find happiness or complete fulfilment as a human being with a device that turns ice cubes into perfectly crystal clear ice balls through sheer brute force and pressure:Please drop everything and attend to my needs, wants and desires immediately, The Internet, and procure … [Read More...]

Water is the New Oil

How Corporations Took Over a Basic Human RightThis is a prolife issue.Commies used to say that a capitalist would sell you the rope to hang him with.   Commies lost though, so their opinion will only get you so far.  And as crony capitalism has taken over what is remarkable is how many of th … [Read More...]

News from Canada vs. News from the Republic of Fear

 AnTrust in God breeds peace in the soul.  Secular substitutes, whether trust in self-affirmation slogans for lefties or trust in big ass guns (aka "chariots and horses") for righties, breed only more fear.  And the news guys feed off and fan the fear like Star Trek Energy Creatures. … [Read More...]

Ever Since We Became Pope…

...there have been a lot of changes. Of course, our first move was to introduce liturgical freestyling and beatboxing (as we saw here).But in addition, we have now obtained the services of Michael Voris as our Obedient Servant.Michael (seen here swearing an oath of undying obedience to Our … [Read More...]

Love this

“Truths turn into dogmas the instant that they are disputed. Thus every man who utters a doubt defines a religion. And the scepticism of our time does not really destroy the beliefs, rather it creates them; gives them their limits and their plain and defiant shape. We who are Liberals once held L … [Read More...]

The *Real* Message of “The Principle”

I'm not saying I needed to lose weight, but it is true that  since I dropped weight the tides have been measurably altered. … [Read More...]

This killed me

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Question About Suicide

A reader writes: Please help me understand more about suicide.  I do understand that those who don't know any better will be judged differently, but what about Catholics?  If committed with clear mind, would it be one sin for which there's no forgiveness? Hope that makes sense. Thank you. Mortal s … [Read More...]

Question about OT Text on Adultery

A reader: I've been reading through the Bible, and I came across this passage in Wisdom which really bugged me, and I was wondering if you could help me make sense of it? It's from Wisdom 3:11-19:  For whoever despises wisdom and instruction is miserable. Their hope is vain, their labors are u … [Read More...]

The Principle: Bad Science, Worse Anthropology, Worstestest Theology

A Catholic scientist looks at the embarrassment that is this movie. It has its premiere this Friday at one theatre in a strip mall miles outside of Chicago, where it will be seen by the filmakers' family and friends, perhaps some investors wanting to see where all the money they flushed down the … [Read More...]

Join me and Sherry Weddell today on the radio!

I will be interviewing her on Catholic and Enjoying Live about Forming Intentional Disciples, as well as the upcoming sequels, Bride of Intentional Disciples, Son of Intentional Disciples, Beneath the Planet of the Intentional Disciples and Revenge of the Intentional Disciples. For details on how … [Read More...]

Well done, Michael Voris

He apologizes for his "Pope Harming the Church" video: … [Read More...]

Fr. Robert Barron on Shepherding People

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SciPhi Journal is on the Air!

A reader writes: Hope all is well. There's a new journal that your readers might find interesting, as it treats both science fiction and philosophy (and Christianity!) seriously, called the Sci Phi Journal. Its first issue is just out on Amazon and elsewhere.While not expressly Christian in … [Read More...]

A Musical Work of Mercy

A reader writes:Might you be able to post on our latest project out of the Diocese of Boston? It's coming out this week and makes a great Christmas present- and supports a great school! It is very sweet. Here is the video:To purchase and for more information, go here. … [Read More...]

One Wonders What Actually Occurs in the Pro-Abort Brain

"I would have died for my aborted daughter's right to choose".But instead she killed her and made sure she never got to exercise that right.This is what postmoderns regard as "self-sacrifice" these days. Insane. … [Read More...]