Why I’ve Stopped Singing in Your Church: Answers to Questions You’ve Been Afraid to Ask about Church Issues

Finally, someone speaks up to offer answers to the questions you’ve been afraid to ask about church issues. For all those in the Christian church who feel their voices are not being heard, Why I’ve Stopped Singing in Your Church is entertaining therapy for the frustrated soul.

Why I’ve Stopped Singing in Your Church is an attempt to speak the truth. Unfortunately, truth is not always welcome in the Christian church today. Yet without it, the church has little reason for existing.

This book is a collection of truth-telling essays, comedic rants, and open letters offered with a twist of humor and sarcasm in the hope of focusing attention on real church issues that are often ignored. Some readers will laugh, others will cry with empathy, while others will try to burn it – perhaps not the wisest thing to do with an e-book, but so long as they don’t use any four-letter words, I suppose it’s all good.

Available now for Kindle (and Kindle reading apps) for only $2.99.

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It all started in Disney World — more or less. That’s where I first read Hugh Hewitt’s original book of wisdom In, But Not Of Revised & Updated: A Guide to Christian Ambition and the Desire to Influence the World. Years later, after following some of that wisdom and getting to know Hugh as a friend, it was my privilege to participate in the release of the revised and expanded edition of the book.

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