Utah Catholic schools thriving

Photo: Chuck Wing, Deseret News Hot on the heels of this report the other day about a Catholic school booming in Brooklyn, we have this story about a broader trend in Utah: Christa Aquilla wanted her kids to go to a school that taught religious values and had a sense of community. She and her [Read More...]

Utah Church Offers Liturgy of Reparation Following Sunday’s Shooting

Details:  “I love you, Tara.” These were the first words Jim Evans uttered to his wife after being shot in the head by his son-in-law during a worship service Sunday at the St. James the Just Catholic Church. Tara Evans was one of more than 150 congregants who gathered at the church Thursday for a [Read More...]

Father’s Day Horror: Man Allegedly Shoots Father-in-Law During Mass

It happened in Ogden, Utah:  Everything was calm and peaceful at St. James Catholic Church on Sunday afternoon before a man walked in and shot his father-in-law in the back of the head. Witnesses said they had just started to say a prayer when a man and woman walked into the church holding hands. The [Read More...]

Deacon builds faith — and furniture

Here’s a nifty profile of a deacon from Utah, courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune: Before he begins building any piece of furniture — an altar, a pulpit, a desk, a chair — Tom Tosti prays. He asks God to help him do his best work and help him turn the wood into a thing [Read More...]