Opus Dei sues over card game with that name, citing trademark violations

Details: Opus Dei, the elite and powerful organization within the Roman Catholic Church, is suing a Danish publisher for alleged trademark violations involving a card game titled “Opus Dei. Existence After Religion.” Public hearings in the suit began Wednesday, and Opus Dei spokeswoman Joanna Engstedt told The Associated Press that Dema Games, the publisher of [Read More...]

Washington Post: Santorum’s link to Opus Dei

An interesting look at an area of the candidate’s life that has gone largely unexplored: In January 2002, prominent Catholics from around the world gathered in Rome to celebrate the Spanish priest who founded one of the church’s most conservative and devout groups, Opus Dei. The event drew cardinals, bishops and other powerful Vatican officials. [Read More...]

"Even Saints Have A Past"

That’s the tagline on the poster for “There Be Dragons.”   You may be seeing this at your local multiplex soon (click for larger image): Meantime, the director recently screened the film in Rome, as CNS reports: Cardinals, Vatican ambassadors and the leadership of Opus Dei gathered in a seminary theater in Rome to watch [Read More...]