Worth a thousand words: Christians protecting Muslims during prayer

In Egypt, below. Details here. [Read more...]

Ripped from the headlines: a great voice mail message with a great voice

Don’t you wish you had a famous announcer for a friend? A fellow named Chase happens to know a guy who knows the announcer from “Law & Order.” So: get a load of the voice mail message that greets Chase’s callers. [Read more...]

Comments, we get comments…

The following comment arrived this afternoon, related to this post about the ongoing debate about married deacons and sex.  I thought I’d post it here because I think it deserves a wider airing, and might merit some comment from those who have been following this issue. I have no idea if the gentleman in question [Read More...]

May The Force be with you…

Caught this over at Elizabeth Scalia’s joint, and it’s the first commercial in a long time that made me laugh out loud.  Enjoy.  [Read more...]

"I got hooked on the grace of this ministry"

This story somehow follows nicely on this post, and tells of a deacon being taken where he never expected — or wanted — to go. From the Georgia Bulletin: When Lilburn resident Bob Hauert was asked to find a ministry in which to serve as part of his diaconate formation for the Archdiocese of Atlanta, [Read More...]

What is essential?

A number of years ago, my father-in-law gave me a copy of what he said had become one of his favorite books: “The Gift of Peace,” by Cardinal Joseph Bernadin. In it, the Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago, dying from rapidly advancing pancreatic cancer, writes with tender mercy about his approaching death.  He also writes about [Read More...]

The missal translation: there's an app for that

Really. It came out last summer but, as interest in the missal has picked up, so has curiosity about the app. Details: An iPhone has been launched to help people understand the new translation of the Mass. The New Mass app, which costs 59p in Britain, has been endorsed by Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto. [Read More...]

Happy Groundhog Day

Classic moments from a favorite movie that has a sneaky way of saying a lot about transformation, conversion, and redemption –  you know, all the usual stuff in a Bill Murray comedy. Enjoy. [Read more...]

When a spouse converts

It often has a profound impact on the one who is already Catholic… Check this out, from the Catholic Sentinel: Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until someone brings your attention back to it. That’s what Jackie San Nicolas discovered when her longtime boyfriend Matt Covington decided to become a Catholic before their wedding [Read More...]

History: Archdiocese posts baptism records of slaves online

A powerful and painful piece of history is now available online. Details, from the New Orleans Times-Picayune: The Archdiocese of New Orleans on Tuesday unveiled an internet database listing the baptisms of thousands of slaves and other persons of color at St. Louis Cathedral beginning in 1777 — deploying a tool church officials said would [Read More...]

Happy Candlemas, Jesus!

Tomorrow is the big day, and lots of folks are getting ready… From the In My Backyard Desk…a colorful look at preparations underway in Brooklyn, courtesy the New York Times: Norma Castro laid the familiar figure on the counter before her, next to a basket of poblano peppers. Then, ignoring the twangy bachata music that [Read More...]

The Beatitudes in Cairo

Deacon Eric Stoltz, who has created one of the most readable and compelling parish websites anywhere at Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills, is using that site as powerful teaching tool this week. He’s paired news images from Cairo with the Beatitudes that we heard in mass last Sunday. Below: “Blessed are they [Read More...]

Fox rejects religious-themed Super Bowl ad

The ad references a familiar bible verse — and reports say that it was rejected by Fox for containing “religious doctrine.” Check it out below and see what you think. [Read more...]

Packers chaplain gets lots of ideas for his pre-Super Bowl homily

Ask and ye shall receive. Well, he asked for ‘em.  And he got ‘em. Details here: Reverend Jim Baraniak typically doesn’t ask for help with his homilies. But then again, he typically doesn’t deliver them to a team hours away from playing in the Super Bowl. “There is a lot on the line, therefore I [Read More...]

One man's journey from the military to the Franciscans

Here’s a surprising, and surprisingly touching, video from the March for Life, about a vocation that grew from an unlikely place. Further proof: you never know how God will work. [Read more...]

Behold: a gorilla who walks like a man

Talk about an upstanding citizen. Somebody cue “The Four Seasons” to sing “Walk Like A Man”… And get a load of this great ape’s great gait. You can read more about this guy here. [Read more...]

Deacons and the chalice: a mystery of faith

That’s how Taylor Marshall describes it, discussing that topic over on his blog. A snip: The Catholic Church has traditionally seen deacons as necessarily chaste and continent because they touch the sacred chalice. I would like to argue that the sacred chalice is itself “the mystery of faith” and this has become forgotten in modern [Read More...]

Quote of the day II: what we may hear with married priests

“Well!  I see another year has gone by and the pastor’s wife still isn’t pregnant.  A fine example they’re setting!  I won’t have them teaching my children CCD, since his own wife is clearly on the Pill.” – Simcha Fisher, with some other droll observations, too. [Read more...]