“God has called me to to support his sons this way”

Photo: by Gregory A. Shemitz I had the privilege of meeting Rosemary Sullivan last winter during a retreat in Huntington. She’s the real deal. Someone described her to me as “the most important lay person in the American church,” and that’s not an exaggeration. Details:  Rosemary Sullivan firmly believes that God has directed her to serve the church [Read More...]

“I have seen the love of Christ shine through them”: check out this beautiful video on the priesthood

A thoughtful reader sent this along: it’s the video that was shown last night at a fundraiser for retired priests in the Archdiocese of Boston. It is superb. The YouTube description: The Celebration of the Priesthood dinner on September 24, 2014 raised more than $1.6 million in support of the health, welfare, and retirement needs [Read More...]

Here’s a great way to help support vocations—and it’s an offer too good to refuse

The folks over at Vocation Boom, the non-profit working to boost vocations to the priesthood, contacted me this morning about a great opportunity for all of you to get involved in their project—and get something extra in return. They’re hoping to expand their offerings over the next several months. To do that, they need bucks. [Read More...]

More on the seminarian ordained near death: “He will be serving the people of God in heaven”

For those who read this story yesterday and saw the poignant video, more details today from The Tennessee Register:  As William Carmona lay gravely ill in a San Antonio hospital bed, he repeatedly questioned his classmates from nearby Assumption Seminary: “Where is Bishop Choby?” “When will he get here?” And finally: “How many more hours [Read More...]

“Your servant is listening”: new vocations video

I like this new video from the Diocese of Charleston in South Carolina. It’s theme underscores the universal vocation of each of us—and the video nicely reflects all vocations, from the priesthood to religious life and marriage. (They don’t explicitly show a deacon. But I’m going to assume, cough, that at least one of the men pictured [Read More...]

Irish bishop issues pastoral letter on diaconate, calls for men to consider the vocation

The restored diaconate is something new in Ireland, and the number of deacons is relatively small. But one bishop, Kieran O’Reilly of the Diocese of Killaloe, has taken a dramatic step to do something about that.  A few days ago, he issued a pastoral letter on the permanent diaconate, outlining the vocation and inviting men to [Read More...]

“The Latin Mass appears to be alive and well”

That’s the assessment from The St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  When Pope Francis was first elected, he appeared to the crowd in St. Peter’s Square without the short, red velvet cape known as a mozzetta. Some Roman Catholics immediately cried foul, worried that the pope’s decision to forgo the more formal wear signaled a threat to traditional [Read More...]

Boom: Nashville sees surge in vocations

From The Catholic News Herald:  The Diocese of Nashville this summer has witnessed an explosion of vocations, with a record number of men being ordained to the priesthood and the permanent diaconate and the continuing growth of the Nashville congregation of Dominican sisters. On July 26, nine men were ordained as priests for the diocese [Read More...]

A wonderful vocations tool: novena to St. John Vianney

Once again, my parish is in the midst of a great tradition, offering the annual novena to St. John Vianney —patron saint of parish priests—and praying for vocations to the parish priesthood. Every year, we open the novena with a Mass celebrated by a jubiliarian, and bring it to a close with a Mass celebrated by a [Read More...]

The story of a seminarian, from his mother

A perspective we rarely hear:  So what do you say to your son when you know he is seriously discerning this life’s vocation? There is such a fine line. While you want to be supportive, you don’t want to be too excited. And honestly, you worry. The life of a priest is not easy, and your [Read More...]