A Catholic mother and autism: “What families seek from the church is security and support”

A friend of mine, Shana Buck, offers a personal perspective on this important issue over at The Font:  When I read about the Holy Father addressing the needs of individuals with autism, I was elated. My husband and I have three children “in the spectrum” — a 23 year old daughter, Luci, with moderate Asperger’s; an 18 [Read More...]

The value of giving thanks

It’s all about grace. This essay is not particularly religious—the author admits she was raised Catholic but now numbers herself among those who are “spiritual but not religious”—but it strikes me as having the seeds of a compelling Thanksgiving Day homily. Take a look:  Most nights of my childhood, my parents and my siblings and [Read More...]

We need a little Christmas, right this very minute…

Spotted on Yellowstone Blvd. in Forest Hills, Queens: November 23, 2014.  8 p.m. Merry Christmas. [Read more...]

Bishop vs. deacon arm-wrestling match

Can you guess who won? Details:  There were no 1980s Rocky Balboa training montages and no official weigh-in for contenders during the inaugural Man Alive arm-wresting challenge. But in the title fight, the “Melee on Main Street,” Bishop Gary Gordon of Victoria squared off against Deacon Paul Goo in an epic bout.Before the match, I [Read More...]

Winnie-the-Pooh, pervert

From The Independent:  Winnie the Pooh has been banned from a Polish playground because of his “dubious sexuality” and “inappropriate” dress. The much-loved animated bear was suggested at a local council meeting to decide which famous character should become the face of the play area in the small town of Tuszyn. But the idea soon [Read More...]

The booming business of divorce parties

What we have come to, via the BBC:   After finalising a painful divorce Wendy Lewis decided there was only one way to celebrate – by blasting her wedding dress with a machine gun. To get the job done the newly divorced American gathered her female friends – and the dress – and flew to [Read More...]

Canadian actress plans a “poetic, probing and playful” version of the Mass

Details: Halifax poet, musician and actor Tanya Davis is turning to the Catholic Church for her next project. On Saturday night, Davis will perform what she is calling a “poetic, probing and playful” rendition of the liturgy. Davis grew up in the Catholic Church, but left it long ago. “What stayed with me is this [Read More...]

Picture of the Week—and it’s only Monday

From the Swiss Guard’s Facebook page: [Read more...]

Cardinal to lead requiem Mass for reinterment of Richard III

Details:  The head of the Catholic church in England and the Archbishop of Canterbury will both have roles in the reinterment of King Richard III at Leicester Cathedral, it has been revealed. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the leader of the Roman Catholic faith in this country, will lead a requiem mass at Holy Cross church, in [Read More...]

Not PC: Universities ban “offensive” Halloween costumes

Details:  Several universities have recently admonished their students not to wear a variety of costumes for Halloween that could potentially offend people, frighten people, or reinforce stereotypes. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for example, some students were warned against donning a Hannibal Lecter-inspired straightjacket costume because it’s offensive to people who struggle with a mental [Read More...]