Great moments in parenting: baby bottles that look like beer bottles

From The Los Angeles Times: Babies don’t drink beer, and for good reason. But if you’d like for all the parents in your Mommy & Me class to give you dirty looks — and question your sanity — you can now at least give the illusion of handing your child a baby beer bottle. Perpetual [Read More...]

Vatican announces bishops, alternates for upcoming Synod

The full list is here.    The Holy Father Francis, for the XIV General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which will take place in the Vatican from 4 to October 25, 2015 on the theme The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world , has ratified the election by [Read More...]

Judge orders father to take his children to church

View image | From the U.K.’s The Telegraph:  A judge has ordered a father to take his children to Roman Catholic mass as part of a divorce settlement, even though he is not Catholic. The man, who can only be identified as “Steve” because of reporting restrictions on the case, faces possible contempt of court [Read More...]

Pope on trip to Philippines: “It gave us hope to see so many large families that welcome children as a true gift of God”

From Wednesday’s General Audience, via Zenit: The meetings with families and young people at Manila, were salient moments of the visit to the Philippines. Healthy families are essential to the life of society. It gave us consolation and hope to see so many large families that welcome children as a true gift of God. They know [Read More...]

Pope Francis praises large families: “I’m like a grandfather for all of you”

Photo: Jeffrey Bruno, Wikimedia Commons From Vatican Radio:  Pope Francis said on Sunday that “in a world often marred by selfishness, a large family is a role model for solidarity and sharing and this benefits the whole of society.” The Pope’s remarks came during an address to a gathering of around 7,000 people belonging to [Read More...]

John Paul II on the family

And now, at the end of my pastoral message, which is intended to draw everyone’s attention to the demanding yet fascinating roles of the Christian family, I wish to invoke the protection of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Through God’s mysterious design, it was in that family that the Son of God spent long years [Read More...]

This year’s best Christmas gift

Back in the early days of the last century, my wife’s great-grandmother Agnes Meyer and her husband set out to raise a large family in a far-flung corner of Iowa. They had eight children; she was pregnant with her ninth when her husband went out to work in the fields one morning and collapsed from [Read More...]

The benefits of believing in Santa Claus

The headline in The Washington Post: Believing in Santa Claus could help your kids develop a cure for cancer. To wit: Tonight, Santa Claus will consume the minds of many children across the world. Many parents’ thoughts also drift there, but for different reasons. Parents of young children wonder whether they should promote the myth [Read More...]

The clergy parent’s guide to surviving Christmas

The nativity scene is up and ready at my parish. But what about everyone who works at the parish? Speaking for myself, I could use another week. Which is why I appreciated these wry but insightful thoughts from a married member of clergy who is used to burning the Advent candle at both ends. I [Read More...]

Must-see video: what does your child really want for Christmas?

This comes from IKEA in Spain —a wake-up call to every parent this Christmas. [Read more...]