A little time with the Little Sisters

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent tonight with the Little Sisters of the Poor in Queens Village, leading their monthly Holy Hour for Vocations. They were warm and welcoming, despite the steady autumn drizzle that I suspect kept a lot of people at home tonight. I’m also told that the house was a little emptier; [Read More...]

Ordination update: 5 new deacons for Detroit

From The Michigan Catholic:  As Deacon Paul Nickels stood before a cathedral full of family, friends and well-wishers Oct. 4 to reflect on four years of prayer, study and discernment, his voice caught. He, along with four others, had just been ordained by Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron to the permanent diaconate for the Archdiocese of [Read More...]

A deacon is robbed—and grace takes hold

My friend Deacon John Gerke of Cincinnati was the victim of a break-in at his home this weekend. This morning, he posted on Facebook the press release that was issued by the St. Bernard, Ohio police on behalf of him and his wife Colleen. I reprint it here with his permission. It is, in every sense, extraordinary: [Read More...]

Indianapolis diaconate booming: “This is seeing God’s work”

Just six years after the first class was ordained, the diaconate in the archdiocese is showing strength and growth. Details:  Ten years ago, 25 men from across central and southern Indiana began a formation program through which they would be ordained in 2008 as the first permanent deacons in the history of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. A decade [Read More...]

Who can bless what?

This topic comes up from time to time, and it emerged again this week in an online Q&A: Q. At a family discussion, the following question came up: Can anyone other than a priest or deacon do a Catholic blessing? (Baltimore)A. As your question would suggest, aside from certain blessings reserved to a bishop (e.g., [Read More...]

“Prayer is water for a desperate and parched world”

Last weekend, I delivered three talks to the convocation for deacons in the Archdiocese of Seattle. The theme: “Preaching with a Deacon’s Heart.” It was a great weekend, with a wonderful community of deacons and their wives. The convocation took place in Ocean Shores, WA—a couple hours from downtown Seattle, with the Pacific just a [Read More...]

“Deacons, carry out your ministry in joy”

That was at the heart of the homily preached by Cardinal Donald Wuerl at the ordination of transitional deacons in Rome—and it bears hearing from all deacons: This week, Cardinal Donald Wuerl ordained 43 seminarians from the Pontifical North American College in Rome as deacons, reminding them to always be open to God and to [Read More...]

Anyone know where you can get a cup of coffee in Seattle?

I’m headed there this morning, speaking at the diaconate convocation in Ocean Shore. The theme: “Preaching with the Heart of a Deacon.” (Anybody know where I can pick up a heart, along with a cup of coffee?) Looking forward to it! I’ve never been to Seattle. Do you think I’ll see the Cranes? I hope [Read More...]

Ordination update: a record 21 new deacons for Rockford

The press release from last week says it all: The largest class of permanent deacons in the history of the Catholic Diocese of Rockford will be ordained this weekend before family and friends from across the 11-county Diocese. Bishop David J. Malloy will ordain 21 men to assist in the ministry of the Catholic Church through [Read More...]

The deacon who acts—and who is, in fact, an actor

Details:  When Deacon Glenn Netemeyer was preaching for just the third time at St. Bernard Catholic Church in Albers, the piece of paper he had written everything on blew off the lectern. “It just flew away in the fan breeze,” he recalled with a chuckle. “I looked at the crowd and they looked at me.” [Read More...]