“Let us pray this evening for reconciliation and peace…”

“And God saw that it was good” (Gen 1:12, 18, 21, 25). The biblical account of the beginning of the history of the world and of humanity speaks to us of a God who looks at creation, in a sense contemplating it, and declares: “It is good”. This, dear brothers and sisters, allows us to enter [Read More...]

There she is: Miss America, bully?

This is what we have come to. Details:  Miss America Kira Kazantsev was reportedly kicked out of her Long Island college sorority for abusive hazing. According to Jezebel.com, the newly crowned pageant queen was kicked out of Hofstra University’s Alpha Phi sorority last year after allegedly hazing pledges. The report maintains that pledges were called names, criticized [Read More...]

Shock: Thomas Aquinas on CBS?

Tony Rossi picks up on a few great details in last night’s premiere of “Madame Secretary.” I caught the episode and thought it was fresh, funny, astute, brilliantly written—and sublimely, surprisingly Catholic. Tony notes:  Outside of the Washingtonian intrigue, the show’s strongest feature is Elizabeth’s strong and happy marriage to her husband Henry (Tim Daly), a [Read More...]

Blase Cupich: “You cannot base your decisions on a past era where things were different”

NCR has an exclusive interview with him this morning. It sheds more light on his thinking, particularly his ideas about Pope Francis and challenges facing the Church today. Snip: I know Chicago, just like many other dioceses in the U.S., is facing a number of issues — downsizing, priest shortages, population changes. What lessons have [Read More...]

“The new archbishop of Chicago is no moderate…”

That’s the thesis of writer Charles Camosy, who offers some analysis of Blase Cupich, based on his own writings. Camosy concludes the archbishop-elect is neither liberal nor conservative. But he is, in his way, radical.  He sums it up: In addressing his fellow bishops Cupich said, “A prophecy of denunciation quickly wears thin. We need a prophecy of [Read More...]

What about Cupich and deacons?

A reader from Chicago wrote in this morning, wondering if anyone knows what sort of relationship the new Archbishop-elect has with his deacons. A little Googling turned up some diaconal news, like this story from a couple years ago: When he came to Spokane in June 2010, he left 12 years of experience as bishop in [Read More...]

Barbie as the Virgin Mary?

This image has been popping up around social media, with the news that Argentina is producing a Virgin Mary Barbie Doll: But before you run out to Toys-R-Us to pick one up, check out the rest of the story: Pool Paolini y Marianela Perelli are the artists behind the controversial “Barbie, The Plastic Religion” exhibit which will be [Read More...]

A mother’s last dance

This is quickly going viral, and with good reason. The story:  A dying woman whose final wish was to be able to dance with her son at his wedding had her dream come true, and then passed away just three days later. Mary Ann Manning of Dublin, California, lost her battle to breast cancer on [Read More...]

UPDATE: Montana bishop meets with parishioners over gay couple removed from ministry

Details:  No substantive changes have resulted from a meeting Saturday between Bishop Michael Warfel, leader of the Catholic Diocese of Great Falls – Billings, and parishioners of St. Leo the Great Catholic Church regarding the suspension of church privileges for two gay parishioners in Lewistown. Following a meeting with roughly 300 parishioners in Lewistown, Warfel [Read More...]

John Allen: “Are we looking at the American Pope Francis in Chicago?”

The veteran Vatican watcher assesses this weekend’s big news over at Crux:  There’s nothing a pope does as fundamental to shaping culture in the Catholic Church as appointing bishops, and that’s especially true for major pace-setting venues around the world. Chicago is on a short list with Milan, Paris, and Westminster as spots where popes [Read More...]