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Over at his little corner of the blogosphere, Tony Rossi has announced the winners of this year’s Christopher Awards:

A young adventurer risks his life to reunite trafficked children with their families; African-American maids in the South reclaim their dignity through sharing their stories; a priest travels around the world to explore the history of the Catholic Church. These stories and more are told in the 22 feature films, TV/Cable programs, and books for adults and young people being honored with Christopher Awards in New York on May 24th, 2012.

Created in 1949, the Christopher Awards are presented to writers, producers, directors and illustrators whose work affirms the highest values of the human spirit. Christopher Awards program manager, Tony Rossi, says, “Not only are this year’s winners entertaining, engaging and inspiring, they also reflect the power of our individual choices to shape the lives of others in unexpected ways.”

Movies being honored include “The Help,” “The Muppets,” “Of Gods and Men” and “War Horse.”  TV shows include “Catholicism,” and Mitch Ablom’s “Have a Little Faith.”

Read the whole list here. Congratulations!  I’m the happy recipient of one of these awards, and I think it’s the one piece of decorative art on my shelf of which I’m most proud.  These awards truly mean something.


  1. The Christophers have been a blessing for years. A great group.

    Happy to see that “The Way” (a film produced by Martin Sheen and his son, Emilio Estevez) got an award.

    It’s also nice that Fr. Barron’s “Catholicism” project got an award. Well deserved!! I was surprised that the “America” magazine writer gave Fr. Barron’s series a lukewarm review back in November.

    Deacon, at some point, you should tell us about the award you received, including the year, and for which piece of work.

  2. Congrats to Mitch Albom. I have read all of his works and believe Have A little Faith is by far his best. He also does some interesting work for the Detroit Freepress. He is a sports writer incase you’ve never heard of him. Very involved in the Detroit comunity.

  3. Agree Albom is a very deserving recipient.
    In addition he is very involved personally in continued relief work in Haiti.

    In the book, Rabbi Lewis, (who as very involved inter interfaith dialogue and even wrote for the Camden Diocese Catholic Star Herald newspaper on a trip to Israel in the 1960′s), describes how once a catholic priest at St Rose Of Lima Church in Haddon Heights NJ rudely denigrated Jewish families who parked near the church during the High Holidays.

    What I admired about this story was the response of the bishop when Lewis rightfully complained about the actions of this priest. The following week at the ‘suggestion’ of the Bishop, Rabbi Lewis and the offending priest walked, arm in arm among the entire catholic school student assembly during a recess at the school. No words were necessary !

    Lewis doesn’t name the Bishop in the book but I have always believed it to be Celestine Damiano, a holy man and a still beloved bishop in the diocese 45 years after his passing.

  4. Ditto, Deacon Greg!

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