Redeeming Work initiative


Christianity Today announces a new series of events focused on faith and work. [Read more...]

God brings the world into being. What does that mean for the world?


Any theology of work must begin with a theology of creation. [Read more...]

Civic planning in the Bible?


If God troubles to instruct Moses on civic planning, based on the semi-geometrical growth of pastureland, doesn’t it suggest that God’s people today vigorously pursue all the professions, crafts, arts, academics, and other disciplines that sustain and prosper communities and nations? [Read more...]

The need for social capital

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How foolish if we think we must provide for ourselves before we can afford to take time for God and the society of his people. The truth is that we cannot provide for ourselves except by the grace of God’s generosity and the mutual work of his community. [Read more...]

The church and those who cannot work


If the close-knit members of the Thessalonian church had a hard time discerning who among them was worthy to receive financial support, imagine how much more difficult it is for a far-flung modern city, province or nation. [Read more...]

Lessons from excavators: a post from a Kern Pastor


Every vocation is so dependent on the economy that if I’m going to pastor my people to think about their work biblically, I must see how their lives are intertwined with everyone else’s. [Read more...]