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March from Selma

Currently in the Public Square 

Surprising Faith

Why One Youth Advocate Wants a New Prison for Kids

Rev. Stewart became involved with prison youth twelve years ago after participating in a Disciple Bible study class at her Methodist church.

Muslimah Media Watch

Reconsidering Muslim Dating Expectations

For many women, including a whole generation of women of color who identify as Muslim, the real problem is addressing expectations.

World Religions

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Reformer or Zealot?

Many disagree with Hirsi Ali's characterization of Islam as a violent religion and recently took their debate to Twitter.

Church for Men

What God Has Been Teaching Me Through Sports

In all three cases, my team was in the driver's seat. Everything was going according to plan. Then, in the final moments, everything fell apart.


How Entrepreneurs Practice Their Faith

From the Buddhist altar at your neighborhood nail salon to the landscape architect rocking an ichthus on his truck, religion-infused business is all around us!

Roger E. Olson

Remembering Christoph Blumhardt

What did Barth, Bloesch, Brunner, and Moltmann have in common that they might have inherited from Blumhardt? Their Christological concentration.

Wake Up Call

A Powerful and Ancient Form of Prayer

Centering prayer is a prayer without words, or more accurately a prayer with a single word.


The Changing Face of Christianity's Bogeyman

"I was an atheist" testimonies are Christians' attempt, as a culture, to negate the threat they perceive against their number.

Benjamin L. Corey

Israel vs. Palestine: A Very Short Introduction to the Problem

While the conflict between the two sides is complex, it's apparent that there's often a lack of awareness of the global overview of the situation.

Patheos Video Gallery

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