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Politics in the Pulpit

Currently in the Public Square 

Emerging Voices

We Refuse to Be Enemies

This family living outside of Bethlehem refuses to hate or to be embroiled in bitterness in their struggle to keep their farm.

Hindu 2.0

A Brief History of Indian Classical Music

Divine Truth, artistically represented to perception and feeling, forms the center of the whole world of art.

The High Calling

Five Ways to Be a Christian in the Workplace

I got the message. Of all the terrible things I could do at work, "religious expression" was probably the worst thing that could happen.

Kiwi Mormon

Anguished Musings on a Frayed Testimony

I feel frayed by my church experience of late. I don't need the church to be true — I just need it to be good.

Godless in Dixie!

The Boxers of Christianity

As seen in Animal Farm, the Boxers and Clovers of our species deserve better than what some popular versions of Christianity have to offer them.

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

Healing Spiritual Abuse with Creativity: Dancing Mindfulness

One of my favorite working definitions of creativity is the pursuit of thinking, feeling, and living outside of the proverbial box.

Pursued by Truth

Top Ten Books for Fallen-Away Catholics

Here is a great list of books that communicate the grace and mystery of our faith in a way that is subtle, surprising, attractive, and respectful.

American Buddhist Perspective

Infographic on Eastern Philosophy

This infographic developed by could be a useful teaching tool, though it needs some revisions.

The Northampton Seminar

Revolution in Islam?

Ahmed Vanya, a fellow at the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, has issued what amounts to a manifesto.

Anxious Bench

Interpreting "America's Pastor"

In America's Pastor: Billy Graham and the Shaping of a Nation, historian Grant Wacker asks, "Why does Billy Graham matter?"

Faith Communities and Ebola

25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall