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Best Practices for Peace in 2015

Currently in the Public Square 


My Faith and My Calling Symposium

The Faith and Work Channel and the Evangelical Channel have gotten together to address key questions around faith in the workplace.

Camels With Hammers

Philosophical Friend Zone Advice

It's okay to be single, even in perpetuity. It’s far better than the soul-sucking alienation than being with the wrong person.

Permission to Live

Fundamentalist Approved Feminist Lit

The books that were unequivocally and heartily approved by my parents, but contained messages I don’t think they intended me to find.

Standing on my Head

The Next Pope: Twelve Cardinals to Watch

Pope Francis has several times indicated that his will not be a long papacy. Who will take his place?

When Men Were Gods

Teaching the Book of Mormon as Literature

Written in the language of King James, the complicated Book of Mormon boggles many readers minds. Yet it is unquestionably influential.

The Rogue

Tom Brady’s Deflated Balls

What message does it send to the league and to young fans everywhere if a major violation like this is overlooked?

Formerly Fundie

4 Things To Remember About Biblical Justice

Justice is a pretty hip word now in much of Christianity. Here's what I think is crucially important for justice seekers to remember.

Good Letters

Childhood Cinema Redux

Revisiting a childhood movie as an adult can be a disarming experience.

Godless in Dixie

Rumors of Bible's Validity Greatly Exaggerated

It's amazing how the same thing can look completely different when viewed from a different perspective.


Faith Communities and the Tradition of Civil Rights and Social Justice Activism